About GreenLife iSP

With multiple patents pending, GreenLife ISP incorporates FDA Approved Best Practices as a standard. We develop disruptive technologies/processes designed to move Industries forward. All tech developed by GreenLife is available for licensing via our brand distribution channels.

GreenLife Industry Enterprise Resource Planning (i.ERP)


We at GreenLife believe the public is the life blood of any Industry End-Consumer Products and/or Services.

GreenLife combines industry-specific i.ERP practice. Providing security, introduces standardization, and automates business functions that help support the industry and their consumer base. We implement the proper tools to track operations well beyond seed-to-sale. Our i.ERP provides support for industry best practices, and streamlined digital documented processes.


GreenLife i.ERP allows for tracking all aspects of growing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, sales and labeling.

The importance of labeling cannot be understated. Our process ensures the end-consumers a consistent experience, and in some industries, also help to mitigate unintentional use and/or ingestion of infused products. Certain states have enacted requirements to increase accountability and mitigate the misrepresentation of unverified or inaccurate product information. Our automated system assists with nutrient analysis, ingredient and allergen statements, testing notification for bio-contaminants, pathogens and expiration dates to ensure quality. Accuracy an imperative component in the reduction of product recall.  As our traceability and labeling history documented.


GreenLife ISP provides industry functionality that manages traceability and labeling to support quality industry initiatives.


GreenLife holds a unique California Food & Agriculture License.

Currently under the 2011 FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL CODE.

CHAPTER 7 Produce Dealers (Chapter 7 enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15.)

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GreenLife iSP